Servicing and Rebuild of MSR Standard Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Maintenance & Rebuild

Required materials: MSR Whisperlite Expedition Stove Service Kit

Parts: Assembled PumpWL pump_parts overview_01

Parts: Disassembled PumpWL pump_parts overview_02

Lubricate the pump cup

1)  Push plunger in halfway so that arrow 1 (printed on plunger shaft) is lined up with the plunger bushing

WL pump_plunger_01

2)  Twist the plunger counterclockwise (arrow 2) until you hear it click free

WL pump_plunger_02

3)  Pull out to remove the plunger (arrow 3)

4)  Remove pump cup and firmly press the new cup onto the plunger tip

5)  Rub MSR pump cup oil onto the pump cup

WL pump_pump cup_01

6)  Reinsert the plunger by holding the plunger shaft and align the top of the plunger bushing with arrow 1 on the plunger shaft

7)  Align the plunger bushing legs with the locking holes in the pump body

WL pump_plunger_05

8)  Push the plunger and plunger bushing into the pump body until the legs snap into the locking holes

WL pump_plunger_06

Replace the fuel tube O-ring

1)  Remove the plunger (see above)

2)  Using the jet & cable tool, rotate the fuel tube bushing counterclockwise and remove

3)  Remove the fuel tube o-ring using a safety pen (or the end of the fuel line)

WL pump_fuel tube_03

4)  Replace the o-ring and fuel tube bushing, and re-assemble

Replace the control valve O-ring

1)  Using the jet & cable tool, loosten the control valve stop nut

WL pump_control valve_01

2)  Unscrew and remove the control valve


3)  Replace the o-ring, and re-assemble the control valve

Replace the pump seal

1)  Remove the pump seal

WL pump_pump seal_01

2)  Replace the pump seal. Ensure that the pump seal seats properly over the rim on the pump body. Use a small amount of the pump cup oil to help seat the seal.

Clean and replace the check valve

1)  Turn the check valve counterclockwise and remove the check valve assembly

2)  Clean the cavity and seal of any debris

3)  Replace the check valve assembly

Replace the fuel tube and filter

1)  Pull fuel tube and filter out of the pump body

2)  Push new fuel tube into place firmly

WL pump_fuel tube_04

Replace the fuel bottle O-ring

1)  Remove and replace fuel bottle O-ring if damaged or worn

WL pump_bottle cap_01



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