Cal Cycling Road Race

This past weekend was the home road race for Cal Cycling. It was also my first race of the season and my first time racing the Mens B category. Unfortunately, I have not been spending much time on the bike, so rather than hoping to place well, I was hoping the races would motivate me to get back on the bike with a more consistent riding schedule. I also recently acquired a GoPro, and this weekend gave me a good opportunity to try my hand at creating a video…

As with every race weekend, we were up before the sun, and heading to the race site to get the course setup.

At 9:55am I was pedaling off for the first lap. The race started at a nice relaxed pace. I could tell my legs weren’t going to make it the full 40 miles, but it didn’t bother me… just meant I wasn’t going to have to make the climb up McEwan Rd FOUR times! So, I just chilled about mid-pack as we wound our way through the hills of Crockett, CA. Then, we made the turn onto McEwan. I counted two dropped chains (not mine of course) and then bid farewell to the pack as they cruised on up hill without me. After that it was a pretty uneventful ride… I completed two laps of the course then decided to call it quits in the hopes that I might have something left for the crit the following day.

Sunday was another early day. My race started at 10:25am and was to last 45 min. The race was fast from the start, and I quickly got dropped. There was a strong head wind blowing up Durant which made it feel like I was riding up hill around the entire block. After about 6 min of pain, the officials took pity on me and pulled me from the race. Since this was clearly not enough racing for one day, so I returned later that afternoon to race the Cat 3/4 race and managed to keep up for about 20 min before being pulled.

Despite not finishing any of the races, I had a pretty good time being back in a race, and so far it seems to have sparked me into riding again! Plus, I got some great shots with my GoPro and put together a little video.

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